Meet Your Team!

We’re positive, passionate people who are serious about creating an experience for our customers that’s unlike any practice management platform you’ve ever used. We hope it shows.

Alec - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Specialist—Group Practices

Alec is an ISFJ. Born a New England sports fan but raised in the Pacific Northwest he enjoys basketball and golf, growing his sneaker collection, consuming pop culture, and one bite amateur food reviews. His Mount Rushmore of favorite places includes Fenway Park, The Gorge Amphitheater, Mt. Rainier, and Costco.


Front End Engineer

Alex is an INFP-T and an LA native. Outside of coding, he indulges in playing video games, digital illustration, experimenting with cooking recipes, and traveling to unknown places.

Alex - VP of Customer Success at SimplePractice


SVP of Customer Success

Alex is an INTJ. He’s an LA native who reaches his flow by splitting lanes on his motorcycle on the freeways. You’ll find him at his favorite breakfast spot with his sons in K-Town early weekend mornings.

Alex - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Senior Product Specialist

Alex is an INFJ and a proud UCLA grad. He is an avid pop culture enthusiast whose hobbies include geeking out over graphic novels, slowly chipping away at his ever-growing Netflix queue, and curating playlists for friends and strangers alike. You can often find him at the library, on a hike, or out at a concert.


Product Specialist—Dietitians

Alexa is an INFJ-T. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who relocated from the midwest; she is adjusting to LA by listening to podcasts on her commute and exploring the vegan food scene. She loves traveling, spending time with her especially social cat, and is making an effort to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.


Product Specialist

Alyssa is an ENFJ. She is a native Minnesotan with a background in dietetics and hospitality. In her free time you can find her spoiling her cat Kit Kat, hunting down new coffee shops, and spending an inordinate amount of time in book shops. She is also passionate about the outdoors, spending her time running, hiking, and rock climbing whenever possible.

Amber - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Specialist

Amber is an ENFP. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and is currently furthering her studies. Her free time is dominated by the whims of her precious daughters Nia and Emmie, trying new recipes, and listening to self-help podcasts.


Product Specialist

Amy is an ENFJ. Her background is in the pharmaceutical industry supporting promotional and educational initiatives, and she’s passionate about volunteer opportunities that make a difference for less fortunate individuals. She enjoys home improvement projects.

Anne - Insurance Specialist at SimplePractice


Insurance and Team Member Onboarding Specialist

Anne is an INTP. She spent the last 4 years working for international companies in China, Australia, and Thailand. Last year she started a small project selling handmade meditation cushions supporting female entrepreneurs in Thailand.


Product Designer

Annie is an INFP. She’s originally from Taiwan, grew up in New York and now happily living in Los Angeles. She loves to solve problems and is always looking for ways to improve in her daily life and at work. She’s a culinary enthusiast who loves yoga, road trips, camping and playing with her puppy.


Customer Success Associate

Ariana is an ESFJ-A, who slides somewhere between introversion and extroversion. She sees service to humanity as a way of life and devotes her time outside of work to community development. Ariana loves to eat, explore, and laugh at her own jokes.

Arielle - Marketing Intelligence Manager at SimplePractice


Compliance Manager

Arielle is an ISFJ. She’s especially interested in learning about people, and looks for ways to appreciate what makes each of us unique. She loves to try new things, overcome her fears, and identify her true passions, and she enjoys spontaneous travel and reading about science.

Ashley - Senior Insurance Specialist at SimplePractice


Senior Insurance Specialist

Ashley is an ESFJ. She grew up in Tulare, CA, a small town known for dairies and the Farm Show. She’s worked in the medical insurance field for over 10 years, and just moved down to LA from Portland, OR, partly to be closer to her very large extended family!

Avery - Insurance Specialist at SimplePractice


Insurance Specialist

Avery is an ENFJ and a recent graduate of UCLA where he studied biological anthropology. He is interested in evolution and behavior and enjoys reading books about psychology and philosophy. He’s involved in research at the Veteran’s Affairs hospital in Westwood and takes calls for a crisis line.

Avi - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Manager

Avi is an ENFJ. In his free time, he enjoys seeing live music, baking bread, playing guitar, rolling backgammon, and pretty much anything and everything outdoors.


Product Specialist

Ayelette is an ISFJ-A. Born & raised in Boston, she’s lived on both coasts, in the midwest, and in London. She can often be found with her companion animals, and will gladly look at photos of yours. When she’s not helping customers, she can be seen on the screen or stage or supporting shelter dogs and youth through her nonprofit board work.

Ben Caldwell - Education Director, SimplePractice Learning at SimplePractice


Education Director, SimplePractice Learning

As the CE Program Director and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Ben Caldwell is passionate about bringing the highest quality CEs to behavioral health professionals around the world.

Ben - Insurance Specialist at SimplePractice


Insurance Specialist

Ben is an INFJ who values logic, efficiency, and craftsmanship. He can never get enough details and loves a fully painted picture. Some of his favorite pastimes include: quietly recharging at home, exploring remote stretches of pristine nature, and watching old episodes of Sifl and Olly.

Brian - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Specialist

Brian is an ENFJ. He has a deep love for storytelling through words and pictures, leading him through a diverse career as a cartoonist, a writer, an animation producer, a Tarot reader, a UX designer, and more. In his free time, Brian can be found drawing comics, playing video games, road-tripping to festivals, and tracking down weird artsy events in secret locations.


Product Designer

Brian is an ENFJ-A, product designer, proud husband and dad. Native to Miami, FL, he now happily calls Nashville home, despite his distaste for country music (more of a metal fan). He is passionate about making the complex simple. When he isn’t pushing pixels, you can find him on a family walk, skateboarding, or playing hockey.

Brennan - Customer Success Associate at SimplePractice


Technical Product Specialist

Brennan is an ENFP-T. With a background in engineering and community development, he loves how technology has changed the way we interact and meet new people in our lives. If he’s not curled in a corner with a new fantasy series, he’s probably long boarding the streets of LA.

Cate - Customer and Team Member Onboarding Lead at SimplePractice


Training Manager

Cate is an ENFP. She loves doing anything outside, skiing, walking her dogs, DIY crafts and refinishing furniture projects. She’s a fan of winter, snow, sushi, and floral fashions. In her free time she’s usually out and about in LA watching for celebrities!


Director of Product Management

Cassie is an INFP. Having been a transplant in every region of the US, she’s happy to call LA home now and loves its proximity to beaches, mountains and an endless supply of diverse food options. She enjoys rock climbing, listening to investigative podcasts, and traveling the world.

Charlene - Director of Strategic Initiatives at SimplePractice


Chief of Staff

Charlene is an INTJ who loves taking on new challenges and solving problems. She enjoys snowy mountain ski days and traveling. Her favorite places to travel are Sydney and Tokyo!


Product Specialist

Chris is an INFJ. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he spends his free time learning to code or in nature, whether it’s hiking or enjoying a brisk run at the beach. He has an energetic pup named Dempsey. He previously worked in freight forwarding, insurance, and Porto’s as part of their recently launched Bake at Home Service. He’s always wanted to work for a company that has a lasting positive impact on people’s lives.


Product Specialist

Claire is an ESFJ-A. She was born and raised in California, but never lived or worked in LA until now. She majored in psychology and has a passion for helping people, and she’s currently involved in volunteering with NCVLI, a non-profit that assists victims of crimes with resources for their court cases. When not listening to Taylor Swift or Hamilton, she can be found playing video games with her boyfriend, singing, or hanging out with her cat, Scout.


Product Specialist

Craig is an ENFP-A. He’s a cookbook collecting enthusiast, and when he’s not cooking enjoys being outdoors cycling or hiking.


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Danny is an INFP-T. Half Salvadoran and half Honduran, pupusas and baleadas runs thru his veins, quite literally. Spending his childhood between El Salvador, Canada, and El Paso, Texas, Danny has developed a love for new environments and different cultures. His favorite passion is exploring good-sounding music with a penchant for British bands such as Jamiroquai and Oasis.

Daren - Senior Data Analyst at SimplePractice


Senior Analyst, Growth & Marketing

Daren works closely with the product, marketing, and customer support teams to help them use data to guide their decision-making. Her background is in statistics and business analytics, but she’s also an expert at many other unrelated things like vacuuming, finding good deals, and navigating Los Angeles.

Deepa - Senior Associate, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships at SimplePractice


Senior Associate, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Deepa is an INFJ, who manages strategic partnerships, projects, and conferences at SimplePractice. While she recently completed her MHA degree, Deepa also enjoys exploring the city in her spare time!

Dmitry - Head Engineer at SimplePractice


Head Engineer

Dmitry loves building, scaling, monitoring, and maintaining complex systems. Apart from being a tech nerd, he enjoys beating bosses in Nintendo games, reading sci-fi, and binge-watching whatever is new on Netflix. If he’s not online, he’s probably on a road trip or flying somewhere, in a constant search for nice food and coffee.



Dominique is a ENFJ-TJ. Her love of storytelling has driven her career as a writer. She believes every opportunity is a chance to grow and learn. When she’s not whipping up copy, you can find her hiking, traveling, cooking, brewing, reading, and writing—of course.

Dustin - Senior Insurance Specialist at SimplePractice


Insurance Specialists Team Lead

Dustin is an INFJ who sings a cappella, practices yoga, and hopes to one day be a Jiu Jitsu master. The force is strong in this one.

Edgar - Technical Support Engineer at SimplePractice


Lead IT Engineer

Edgar is an INFJ and a Los Angeles native. He’s a huge fan of Marvel, specifically Spiderman, and electronic music—he listens to it to help him focus.


Technical Support Engineer

Elena is an INFJ. She is a former teacher and a lifelong learner. She is interested in the intersection of technology and humanities, enjoys working with data, and building web apps. Elena enjoys experiencing art and culture. In her free time, she can be found eating Asian food and practicing lazy yoga.

Emily - Lead Visual Designer at SimplePractice


Lead Visual Designer

Emily is an ISFP. She enjoys all aspects of art, especially the way design makes even mundane things beautiful and functional. She’s super optimistic and likes to believe the best of people.

Emma - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Specialist

Emma is an INFP. She recently graduated from Scripps College with a degree in Psychology. Originally from Chicago, Emma moved LA in pursuit of sunnier days. In her free time, she can be found at the beach, playing tennis, or reading psychological thrillers.


Payroll and Benefits Manager

Eric is an ISFJ. He spends a lot of his time running a volleyball group in Los Angeles that he co-founded so you’ll usually catch him on the courts. But what he enjoys most above all else is being at home with his furbaby Andy.

Fletcher - COO at SimplePractice



Fletcher is an ENTP. He’s always asking “why” and searching for ways to do things better.


Director of Lifecycle Marketing

Franz is an LA transplant via Manila, Philippines through Miami, Florida. When not devising strategies and plans for lifecycle and customer communications, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling to both mundane and exotic locales, indulging in food and drink, rooting for his favorite sports teams and taking naps.


Product Specialist

Garwing grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, and he has a passion for learning new things and playing sports (especially volleyball and basketball). He’d take nature over the city any day.

Gillian - Community and Social Media Lead at SimplePractice


Community and Social Media Lead

Gillian is an ENFP, a bicyclist, a loyal servant to her little black cat Smokey, and a big fan of watching things grow and flourish. When she’s not managing the SimplePractice Community and helping our customers build their practices, she’s most likely making a mess in the kitchen, tending to her 50+ houseplants, or playing hardcourt bike polo.


Sr Director, Product Design

Guiomar is a INTJ-A, born in Madrid, Spain. She enjoys collaborating with people to ideate, create and design impactful products. She loves traveling, seeking new experiences and has lived in 6 different countries. In her free time she is an avid boxer and fitness enthusiast who can be found listening to the latest podcasts.

Howard - CEO | Co-Founder at SimplePractice


CEO | Co-Founder

Howard is an INFP with over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. He is proud to have earned his MA in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.


Systems Reliability/DevOps Engineer

Ivan is an INTJ-A, and tinkering has always been a part of his life. His jack-of-all-trades mentality has provided him the opportunity to learn many things and acquire several tools along the way, from sewing to rocket science.

James - Customer Success Associate at SimplePractice


Customer Success Associate

James is an ISFJ. Born in Oxnard, he was surrounded by a variety of animals on his parent’s half-acre home. He is always looking to help those close to him however he can. When he’s not hanging out with friends, he enjoys writing his television show, watching all types of sports, and gaming.


Product Specialist

Jamison is an INFJ and licensed psychologist. She’s an animal lover, board game enthusiast, and avid crossword puzzle solver. In her free time she enjoys reading fantasy novels, trying new restaurants, and going for hikes with her dog, Ori.

Jason - Senior Product Designer at SimplePractice


Senior Product Designer

Jason is an ENTP-A with a passion for solving problems through technology and design. He currently lives in Nashville, TN with his family where he spends his free time writing and recording music, searching for his latest addition to his 80s movie collection, and has recently picked up skateboarding again.


Systems Reliability/Devops Engineer

Javad is an ENFP, engineer, and musician with a mathematician degree. He loves camping in the forest or desert, books, cooking, and finding alternative solutions for any problem. Digging deep in systems and algorithms is his habit.

Jeff - Senior Product Designer at SimplePractice


Director of Growth Design

Jeff is an ISFJ-A, a self-proclaimed nerd, product designer, front-end tinkerer, husband and father. He loves garage rock, Led Zeppelin vinyls, minivans, Tolkien & Discworld, and colorful pants.

Jennie - Social Media Manager at SimplePractice


Social Media Manager

Jennie is an ENTJ with a passion for social media and digital marketing. With over seven years of experience helping companies enhance their social and digital marketing needs, her hobby has blossomed into a purpose. During her off-time, Jennie enjoys gaming, playing the guitar, and practicing yoga.


Executive Assistant to CEO & Office Manager

Jennifer is an ENFJ-T. As a Los Angeles native, she enjoys everything outdoors. She’s worked different areas of law, as a Certified Paralegal, and has supported C-level executives in the finance and IT security industries as an Executive Assistant.


Product Specialist

John is an INFJ. He’s an LA native who spent the last 10 years in the Pacific Northwest. He loves sports, spending time with friends & family, and all things dogs. From food to art, you’ll find him exploring the unknown with a smile on his face.

Jonathan - VP of Engineering at SimplePractice


SVP of Engineering

Jonathan is an ISFP. He believes technology should be used to solve problems and make life better for people. He’s a 4th generation clarinet player and views building awesome tech as a creative pursuit. When he’s not working he’s likely at a railway museum or botanical garden with his family.


Product Specialist

Jordan is an INFP. He was raised in Connecticut and switched coasts over five years ago. A die hard New England sports fan, music enthusiast, avid reader, and explorer of spirituality. Likes to travel, watch documentaries on just about anything, and spending time outdoors.


Front-End Engineer

Josh is an ISFJ-T. A third generation Los Angeles native, he sees no reason to go elsewhere. When he’s not working, he’s watching Netflix with his lovely wife, playing Minecraft with his kids, or cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry while listening to very nerdy podcasts.

Kendyl - Insurance Specialist at SimplePractice


Insurance Specialist

Kendyl is an ENFP. She has an AA in Mathematics from Berkeley City College and a BA in Philosophy from UCLA. She’s a huge fan of racing, gaming, and taking walks around the city, with no particular destination in mind.


Product Specialist

Kimmie is an ISFJ-T and a Product Specialist. Born and raised in LA, she loves to spend her free time going to concerts and eating at new restaurants. Her favorite thing to do is go to a Dodgers game and cheer for the boys in blue. When she’s at home, she spends all her time with her adorable dog.

Laura - Knowledge Systems and Operations Support Manager at SimplePractice


Senior Customer Success Operations Manager

Laura is an ENFJ. She’s an Alabama transplant who enjoys treating everything like an adventure, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, playing video games, catching late movies, and exploring LA.


Senior Director of Marketing

Lauren is an ESTP. While she’s a Cleveland native, she moved every few years growing up which has led to her passion for traveling and seeing the world. She loves reading, going to the beach, and spending time with her pup, Gia.


Content Marketing Coordinator

Leland is an ENFJ-A. Originally from the Bay Area, Leland has lived in LA for the past decade. With a background in content management and creation, he loves how media can help connect people. In his free time he likes watching movies, TV, hiking and going to the beach.

Lindsay - Product Specialist - Pilates at SimplePractice


Product Specialist—Pilates

Lindsay is an ENFJ and was born and raised in Arizona. She attended ASU and received her B.A. in Journalism, then went on to receive her Law Degree. She is a lover of working out, teaching pilates, traveling, shoes, and the beach. In her spare time, you can find her at a studio teaching, wandering the Venice Beach boardwalk, or wine tasting in Los Olivos.

Liz - Associate Product Owner at SimplePractice


Product Manager

Liz is an ENFP with an eclectic background in geography and entertainment. She believes technology and wellness go hand-in-hand. Born in a Boston blizzard, she’s called LA home for the past 12 years. Outside of the office you’ll find this amateur art patron at a gallery, on her bicycle, or working on a novel manuscript.

Liz - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Knowledge Systems Specialist

Liz is an ESFP. She loves contemplative moments at the beach, trying new recipes and restaurants with friends, and conversations about culture and identity. After undergrad, she spent a year mentoring university students and exploring parts of Asia.

Lucila - Customer Success Associate at SimplePractice


Customer Success Coordinator

Lucila is a ENFP. She enjoys speaking to people about their passion and loves to assist people to achieve their goals. In her free time, Lucila is likely looking for the best restaurant to eat at or planning her next travel location.

Maggie - Partnership Manager, Verticals at SimplePractice


Partnership Manager, Verticals

Maggie is an ENFP and a Pittsburgh native. She is passionate about public health. In her role she strives to build relationships that will make patient care more effective and accessible. In her free time she enjoys reading, eating, and spending time with her dog son Brock Lee.

Mariana - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Specialist

Mariana is an INFJ who, depending on the environment, can flex towards extroversion. She tends to see the best in even the most unfortunate situations and values kindness and flexibility. She spends her free time doing yoga with her young niece and nephew.

Marisa - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Specialist

Marisa is an ENFP-A, born in the south and raised on hospitality. She’s a film buff who writes fan fiction in her spare time, loves British comedies, and world exploration.


Chief Product Officer

Mark is an INFP with over 20 years of experience building useful products and great teams. He also loves painting, playing jazz and coaching baseball.

Marlina - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Senior Product Specialist

Marlina is an ENFP. She’s passionate about mental health, social rights, and anything covered in chocolate. Aside from the New England states, Alaska, and Iowa, she has been to every U.S. state.



Martin is an ENTJ. He was born and raised in Macedonia, a small country located in Southeast Europe. Martin is passionate about healthcare and has worked in the industry for over 11 years. When he is not working, you will find him riding his road bicycle, skiing or swimming!

Matt - Product Specialist - Group Practices at SimplePractice


Product Specialist—Group Practices

Matt is an INFJ and New York native. Matt loves traveling, scuba diving, and spending time in nature. He’s extremely grateful to be living in such a diverse city and working for such an incredible company.


Associate Project Manager, SimplePractice Learning

Maya is an ENFP. As a California native who was bitten by the travel bug at an early age, she has been fortunate to travel throughout the world at different points in her life. When she’s not exploring abroad, she enjoys cooking new vegan recipes, dancing to live music, and nerding out about psychology theory. Through her studies, she became passionate about making mental health services more accessible and, as a result, values technology’s ability to bridge both economic and geographic gaps.

Melinda - Customer Success Quality Specialist at SimplePractice


Customer Success Quality Specialist

Melinda is an ESFP. She is the oldest of seven, so she is a manifestation of chaos. She and her husband own two dogs- one named Bilbo, the other, Bulma, as well as a sweet little Scottish Fold cat named Ludo. In her free time, she loves to walk her dogs and go to concerts.


Software Engineer

Mesut is an ESFJ-T. Reading a mystery thriller book is a must for him on the weekends. He loves watching movies, traveling to exotic places and exploring the world through nature photography.

Michael - Customer Success and Retention Lead at SimplePractice


Customer Success and Retention Lead

Michael is an INFJ, mostly. He has worn many hats in his professional life and SimplePractice offers the chance to flex some new muscles. He’s a geek to the core, and enjoys making food for his family.

Mike - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Customer Onboarding Lead

Mike is an ENFP. He was born and raised in Orange County, CA. Originally a graduate of Cal-State Fullerton’s Radio-TV-Film program, he has most recently been a professional chef and chef instructor teaching cooking classes. He loves animals and spends most of his free time volunteering at the Burbank Animal Shelter.


Customer Success Associate

Monika is an INFP. Born in LA and raised in Hungary, her background is in hospitality and insurance. She enjoys mixing vinyl records, coin collecting, DIY crafts, and sees the beauty in old things. She loves seeing the world and believes that travel is the one of the only things that makes her richer.

Natasha - Product Specialists Team Lead at SimplePractice


Product Specialists Team Lead

Natasha is an ENFJ. Most of her free time is spent at the Westside Comedy Theater, where she has been performing improv for four years. She thinks about food a lot (cooking and eating it), loves any dog in the general vicinity, and actively consumes pop culture.


Trade Show Coordinator

Nick is an INFJ-A and a Bay Area Native. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Psychology. In his free time, he likes to travel, search around LA for new restaurants, or watch the best horror films of all time.

Nikhil - Data and Operations Analyst at SimplePractice


Operations Manager, SimplePractice Learning

Nikhil is an ISFP. He enjoys sudoku puzzles, running, and watching the Yankees. After 4 years in LA, he still gets excited about every beautiful sunny day.

Noah - Software Engineer at SimplePractice


Software Engineer

Noah is an INFJ, engineer, designer, musician, and all around generalist. He enjoys traveling, cooking, and eating, but mostly eating.

Nora - Insurance Specialist at SimplePractice


Knowledge Systems Specialist

Nora is an ENFP. She loves adventuring outdoors, solving challenging math puzzles, experimenting with film photography, and drawing.

Oleksandr - Lead Mobile Engineer at SimplePractice


Lead Mobile Engineer

Oleksandr is an INTP. Other than writing code, he loves traveling to new destinations and discovering new ramen shops.


Director of Acquisition Growth Marketing

Orie is an ESFJ. Born and raised in Chicago’s north suburbs, Orie decided to enjoy four more years of frigid cold temps at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) before escaping to sunny LA for good. He loves rock climbing, eating, and adventuring around California.

Paige - Product Specialist - Group Practices at SimplePractice


Product Specialist—Group Practices

Paige is an ENFP, CA native, and pizza enthusiast. Outside of work, she can be found recording new episodes of her true crime podcast, managing the lineup for her RuPaul’s Drag Race Fantasy League, or performing standup comedy.


Software Engineer

Paul is an INFP-T and a Los Angeles native. He also teaches part-time web development courses. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing basketball, video games, reading, finding new music, and listening to audiobooks/podcasts to make LA traffic bearable.

Paula - Product Marketing Manager, Verticals at SimplePractice


Product Marketing Manager, Verticals

Paula is an LA native. She graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a Psychology Degree and quickly started working in the Addiction Treatment field. She has spent the better part of 8 years managing call centers that helped connect people struggling with all types of mental health and addiction issues to treatment resources. She is a travel enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie, and a mom to a pitbull named Brooklyn.

Pavel - Senior Fullstack Engineer at SimplePractice


Senior Fullstack Engineer

Pavel is an ISTP. He has a giant husky, loves watching e-sports, playing board games with friends, and traveling—he’s been to about 25 countries!

Philip - Insurance Specialist at SimplePractice


Insurance Specialist

Philip is an ESFJ. His biggest passions are in music and traveling. After seeing bits of Asia and Europe, music is what brought him back to Los Angeles as most of his free time is spent managing a close friend and organizing events for the underground. He enjoys cooking tasty meals for friends and satisfying his sweet tooth.

Rachel - Controller at SimplePractice



Rachel Just moved cross country to LA. She loves doing jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles, and hanging out with her dog, Reggie. She looks forward to teaching him how to surf!

Ralph - CTO | Co-Founder at SimplePractice


CTO | Co-Founder

Ralph is an ENTP. He’s a serial entrepreneur and avid sailor, who loves tech, building products, and great teams. His spirit animal is a butterfly.


Product Specialist

Rusty is an ENFJ. He’s an avid foodie that loves to spend time with his friends enjoying the many sights and sounds of LA. In his free time he enjoys playing tennis, working with his non-profit adult volleyball league, LAVO, and playing and teaching pickleball.

Ruth - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Specialist

Ruth is an ENFP. She attempts to stay socially and politically conscious through participating in social justice initiatives. In her free time, Ruth reads historical fiction, mines for bare-minimum truths in astrological findings, considers herself a renowned hostess of intimate dinner parties, and occasionally expresses personal musings in written text.

Ryan - Senior Front-End Engineer at SimplePractice


Senior Front-End Engineer

Ryan is an ISFJ-A. He’s an aspiring ninja, but with chronic back pain so he hasn’t quit his day job to pursue that pipedream. Speaking of his day job, he prefers tabs for indentation when writing code. When not coding, he loves spending time with his family, especially watching the news with his newborn son. If you want to be Ryan’s friend, you should share his passion for traveling, snowboarding, lawn mowing and AM radio.

Sasha - Product and Onboarding Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Manager

Sasha is originally from Novi Sad, Serbia. In her free time she gives private basketball lessons. She loves socializing and meeting new people with different backgrounds, enjoys working out as well as beach & mountain activities, and occasional dancing nights.



Seejon is an INTJ-T, and grew up in Michigan and Singapore. As a filmmaker, he is inspired by the many contrasts of life and the power of narrative art to bridge gaps between people and ideas. In his free time, he enjoys rock and metal music, existential films, road trips, coffee, small towns, and taking his dog on walks though the city.


Director of Operations

Sherra is an ESFJ. After spending 10 years living in NYC, working as a Broadway Company Manager, she moved to LA to experience what the sun felt like. She loves mountain climbing, Mexican food, and her two dogs.

Tiffany - Insurance Team Lead at SimplePractice


Senior Lead – Insurance Team

Tiffany is an INFJ. On weekends she goes on rock climbing adventures with her adorable doggo son, Cosmo. When she’s not training hard for her rock climbing career, she enjoys an occasional binge on video games, sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, and anime shows, and browsing through Reddit.

Tina - Product Specialist at SimplePractice


Product Specialist

Tina is an ISFJ-A. She’s passionate about mental health and wellness, and enjoys helping people. She also loves to travel (favorite destination: Costa Rica) and ride horses during her free time.

Travis - Senior Content Producer - Video & Multimedia at SimplePractice


Senior Content Producer—Video & Multimedia

Travis is an INFP and Michigan native. A visual communicator at heart, he loves film, art, design and photography. He likes to laugh, stays curious and doesn’t shy away from a challenge—including running his first marathon last fall. To recharge, Travis likes to be in nature, hiking a local trail or reading a book at the beach.

Whitney - Product Specialist - Yoga at SimplePractice


Product Specialist—Yoga

Whitney is an INFJ who has taught yoga in Los Angeles for almost ten years. She graduated UCLA in MIMG and English, and flies as a professional aerialist in her spare time. She loves relaxing and traveling with her wife and two cats. Smiles are contagious, and Whitney’s goal is to spread joy and love to all she meets.

Will - Product Owner at SimplePractice


Senior Product Manager

Will is an ESFJ. Complicated things don’t scare him. He’s also the resident insurance guru. He likes early morning walks, new podcasts, and has jumped out of a plane before!

Yana - Quality Assurance Engineer at SimplePractice


Quality Assurance Engineer

Yana is an ENFP, enjoys nature, inline skating, and water sports. One may say the glass is half full, another says the glass is half empty. To Yana, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.


Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editor

Zac is an ENFJ-A. He strongly believes in the power of storytelling and creativity. He’s been a working artist since high school and currently hosts several podcasts, runs his own studio, volunteers creating art for The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica, and sells illustrations at comic conventions. When he’s not working he loves coffee, cartoons, his cat, and video games.


Pawroll Specialist

Andy is easygoing and super friendly. Even more so if you have a pillow for his head and a treat in your hand. He moved to LA from the central valley when he was just three months old and quickly became the most popular member of the family. When he’s not napping next to you, he’ll be giving his famous side-eye as a hint for you to play or people watching from the conference rooms.


Barketing Intelligence Manager

Barry is poodle/bichon frise mix — a young pup with a heart of gold. His favorite activities include hopping around in circles and ripping plush toys to shreds, then promptly falling asleep for hours. He’s not afraid to make eye contact.


Infurance Specialist

Being a true lap pupper, Cosmo can be found cuddling by your feet, on your desk, on your lap, doesn’t matter as long as he’s by your seat. Some believe his sweet cosmic eyes can see the universe, but his mom thinks they’re just bulbous. From exclusively drinking water from his hamster bottle to being terrified of plushies, Cosmo’s unique personality is loved by many.

Luna - Canine Co-worker at SimplePractice


Canine Co-Worker

Luna is a quirky corgi mix and loyal companion to Nora, who rescued her while assisting with disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico. She now lives on a boat in Marina Del Rey.

Bulma - Pawduct Specialist at SimplePractice


Pawduct Specialist

Bulma is a sweet chocolate lab who loves tennis balls, head pats, and attention. She loves her work family at SimplePractice and wants nothing more than to be looked at.

Brock Lee Robert - Pawtnership Manager at SimplePractice


Brock Lee Robert
Pawtnership Manager

Known by some as “Brock,” he is a smiley guy with a big passion for the outdoors. He moved to LA from Qatar in 2018 and never looked back. At SimplePractice you can find him napping in an office chair or chasing around his beloved Aunt Sasha.


Pawduct Barketing Manager

Brooke is the sweet companion to Paula, and loves dressing up for Halloween.

Koda - SoftFur Developer at SimplePractice


SoftFur Developer

Koda is a laid back husky/malamute mix and a gentle giant. He loves hiking, playing in the snow, and meeting new animal friends. He also likes kicking back by traveling from one end of the couch to the other with his sister Mia.


Chief Eating Officer

Lily is a Shih Tzu who was adopted during the Christmas season at just 6 weeks old! The years have whizzed by and she is now well-trained and very loving, and can be found mainly on your lap— even if you are trying to work. She spends most days in the office scouting for food, cuddles, and lunchtime walks. She’s often being mistaken for a puppy because of her size and at home she climbs into her toy box to play with her vast selection of stuffed toys. We haven’t taught her to put them back yet!


Certified PUPlick Accountant

Although Reggie is a mutt, he is a pure bred snuggler. He loves coming to the SP office to hang out and lick faces. Despite his pteronophobia (fear of feathers), he has a real zest for life. He loves playing on the beach and jumping on a paddleboard.


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