SimplePractice reviews

Intuitive program makes practice management easy

SimplePractice makes it easy to keep track of the administrative side of my solo private practice. The ability to access my practice from anywhere means that I no longer have to drive to the office to check my schedule or reschedule a patient. The client portal means that patients can complete paperwork before setting foot in the office. Authorization tracking is missing.

I recommend this EHR for the solo or small private practice practitioner.
Deborah R.

Keep improving!!!

I love this program and it continues to get better!
Keith P.
Key to Life Counseling Center

Great Software

I think the software is excellent and very easy to use. I love the client portal and the calendar.
Robert B.

This is it!

Was looking for months for a reasonably prices practice management system and this is it!
Eric F.
Private Practice

Just what I needed for my solo Private Practice!

I'm all for EHR, But somehow when it came to starting and running my PP, I found I was relying on WAY too much paper. I created forms and such, but would end up printing them out to complete by pen/paper, or typing, saving and filing them.

I didn't know where to start in terms of EHR software. I didn't know if I wanted something cloud based (sounded scary...where's my DATA?!) or on my computer (false sense of security...same as when people as more afraid of flying than driving even though one is much more likely to die in a car crash than in a plane crash... that illusion of control). I started to look into the whole EHR issue, I got wrapped up in "meaningful use" etc. Thank goodness they didn't, because I could never have afforded the several thousand $$ those "CMS approved" systems cost!

I finally tried out a few EHR products concurrently with test data and some with live data. The first couple I tried were dreadful! Much more geared to the medical professionals or larger practices with prescribers. So, then I tried SimplePractice. Loved the interface, very clean and didn't have to "overlook" or "ignore" parts that were not meant for me. Tried it out with test and live data. Even talked at length with the CEO before signing up to see what they will be offering in terms of upgrades in the future. I LOVE that the product is ever evolving and from any screen, one can submit a question, comment or suggestion and get a reply right away. I hesitated at first because the product hadn't been around FOREVER, like some of the others on the market, but I found that makes it more agile and fresh feeling than the others I tried. I appreciate the constant upgrades and improvements.

Having the product for the whole calendar year in 2014 will help tremendously when I do my taxes. I like the integrated billing with Stripe for Credit Cards and the ease of providing a super bill to my clients is amazing.

And the price. Very fair/competitive. I liked being able to get a lower rate if paying all at once, with the ability to cancel anytime.

Lastly my data. I am confident that it is safe and secure. I have never experienced any downtime with SimplePractice and if I ever decide I want a download of my data, they provide it right away, no charge. They made it clear that no matter what happens, MY DATA is MINE. Overall very happy with my choice!
Jennifer K.
Owner, Private Practice

Ideal for psychotherapist in private practice

This is a good administrative tool for a therapist looking to minimize the time and effort it takes to manage his/her practice. It is easy to learn, and its streamlined interface makes it easy to use. At its price point, it offers features and customer service that should meet the needs of most solo practitioners.
Troy S.
Provider in Private Practice

New to SimplePractice, but am impressed so far

I was looking for an affordable, simple and well-designed tool for my practice, and found it with SimplePractice. The user interface is elegant, intuitive and easy to learn. Customer service is quick, friendly and attentive. I look forward to the continued enhancements that are planned for this already great product.
Shawna J.
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Innovative, Cutting-edge, State-of-the-Art, and still a Great Product in the Making

This is a great tool for any Clinician who enjoys treating patients; yet dislikes the bureaucracy of paperwork, especially in managed health care plans. This is a technological tool for becoming a Star Therapist without the bothersome of paperwork that for many of us takes away from providing better care to our patents, as a result of the clusters of demanding requirements such as progress notes, treatment plans, etc. This is a product that is still growing, still expanding, and best of all, the company is receptive to the input of the users, US!
Erik A, Psy.D., LCSW, P.A.


I have been searching for a way to manage my mental health practice without hiring someone. I need practicality, simplicity and speed. SimplePractice exceeded my expectations. The customer service is amazing. I am hooked.
Thank you, SimplePractice!
Jenny S.
Therapist in private practice

Excellent EMR for mental health private practice

While it took a while to find the right EMR, I finally found it!

SimplePractice is everything that I need to manage my client records in a professional and easy to use way. The interface is incredibly friendly and highly intuitive. It allows me the flexibility to manage my records in a client centered way and it takes very little time to get used to the various components that make it so useful.

For mental health practitioners in private practice, this tool is by far the best one out there!
Daniel W., MA LPC
Councilor in private practice

Best and easiest to use!!

SimplePractice has made switching my solo practice from paper to electronic so much easier and more pleasant than I ever thought could be possible.

It is very easy to use and the customer service is unbeatable. I asked them a question by email and received a helpful response in minutes. I have been thrilled with my choice to use SimplePractice--it was everything I was looking for.
Jennifer D.
Therapist in private practice

Exactly what you need to manage your practice

This program has saved my life! Saves me time, energy, and money! I love that I can input and read progress notes from anywhere, track client payments, easily create bills and statements, and not have to worry about where my client information is, should I need it. I love that I can create a mental status exam and treatment plan in such a short amount of time! But, honestly I think the best thing about SimplePractice is that the creators actually WANT and appreciate customer feedback!! AND they actually implement the suggestions and tailor their product to our needs, and quick turnaround. The customer service has been phenomenal.

I seriously love it all.
MFT intern at GHHTC

SimplePractice keeps me organized and efficient.

SimplePractice has streamlined my administrative tasks, which can be overwhelming in private practice. I love having all my client data in one place, accessible no matter where I am. It is user friendly and the customer service is fantastic!
Linda W.
Psychotherapist in private practice

Great for managing my private practice

SimplePractice has been a great tool for getting my private practice in order. It has helped me organize my notes, billing, and more. The customer service has been wonderful as they are always willing to help with any issues that arise (although there haven't been many), open to feedback, and asking for feedback from the users to make sure it offers the tools we need most.

I use Square for accepting payments; however, SimplePractice recently began offering their own payment services that cost less than Square.

All in all, SimplePractice has been an affordable way for me to organize my private practice clients.
Deanna G.
Therapist in private practice

Everything I needed

SimplePractice has been everything I needed to begin a small private practice as a psychologist and marriage and family therapist. I especially like the elegant interface and being able to access everything I need to do through the calendar. I also appreciate that the folks at SimplePractice continue to add features and make refinements.
Gene B.
Psychologist in private practice

Organized, simplified, and professionalized my practice!

SimplePractice has made scheduling, note and record keeping, and billing significantly easier for me. I like having all needs met by one service provider and SimplePractice provides that in an affordable and easy to use system. They are constantly adding new features, paying attention to user requests, and their customer service is remarkable. I am very happy with SimplePractice and highly recommend it.
Amanda D.
LMFT-Associate at Castell Therapy

A great service for private practice!

I found SimplePractice a few months ago. I've been looking for over a year but all the other programs just didn't meet my needs. This is truly simple, yet offers so many features, with more to come. The customer service is superb...they reach out to you immediately. And they are constantly looking to improve. Check them out!
Laura C.
Marriage & Family Therapist at Center for Mindful relationships

SimplePractice is a streamlined program for practitioners

I have found SimplePractice to be an incredibly useful addition to my practice. From the ease of use, to the highly attentive customer service, it is by far one of the best practice management software programs out there. I highly recommend it to all practitioners in private practice.
Carrie C.

Great service!

Have used this system for a month and really appreciate how easy it is to complete, store and track client records now. The interface was fairly easy to learn. I appreciate the ability to customize and change default settings for diagnosis, etc.
Catherine W.
Owner at Catherine Penn Williams, MA, LPC

A great system overall for the solo practitioner

I really like using SimplePractice because it truly is simple.
Mark Y., Ph.D.
SimplePractice customer

SimplePractice has been a lifesaver

Since I've started using SimplePractice, I am able to book more clients in the time I'm saving on administrative work. The calendar, billing, process notes, and treatment planning functions have been extremely helpful to managing my practice and improving my profitability.
Claudia T.
Owner at

Finally, Awesome Practice Management Software A Monkey Could Use

Two months ago I stumbled across SimplePractice and it has revolutionized my professional life. It is by far, without a doubt, the best practice software for psychotherapists (I've tried most of them). An appointment creates a corresponding note and bill. Recording payments does not require an accounting degree (the word "receivables" is no where to be found in the program), and a Reminder list keeps track of which notes you still need to write, and who owes you money...

They give you a 30-day free trial, and I signed up for a year after using it for 2 days. Try it; you won't regret it.
Jandri F.
Psychotherapist at Psychotherapy Practice of Alejandra Fernandez, LCSW PLLC

helpful customer service

SimplePractice is very helpful and willing to help at any time.
Linda E.
LMFT in private practice

User friendly and efficient

SimplePractice has helped me minimize my paper trail significantly, integrate credit card billing quickly and easily helped me organize my client files, calendar and made creating superbills a breeze. I love that they add new features all the time...

Going paperless and being HIPAA compliant, with integrated billing is such a breeze.
Blake N.
Psychotherapist at Therapy with Blake

Perfect for the Solo Practitioner

All the other practice management systems were too bulky or had features that were overwhelming as a clinician in a solo practice...

I would highly recommend SimplePractice to any solo or small group practice looking for a truly "simple" but effective practice management system.
Sarah G.
Owner/Counselor at Outside the Box Counseling

SimplePractice has been a great choice for updating and organizing my solo practice

I searched a good while for software to help me organize my paper-based practice. SimplePractice meets all my criteria: it is designed specifically for psychotherapy practices; it provides a format for writing session notes, scheduling, billing, and preparing claims. It is user-friendly and the customer service has been fabulous. The people at SimplePractice are truly always working to improve their product and looking for feedback about what changes may be needed to better meet the needs of their customers. I was offered (and accepted) a one-on-one training session on the software with the CEO. How can you beat that?

...this is a company that is constantly working on their product--not just selling and marketing it.
Allison S.
Psychotherapist at solo psychotherapy practice

Changed my practice and my life!

I'm so pleased I signed on to SimplePractice after my consultant recommended it. Before SimplePractice, I was keeping records electronically in a collection of Word and Excel documents. Now I've got everything in one place and in just seconds can access patients' contact info, review therapy notes, send a superbill, or populate a CMS form...

They seem to be a flexible company that's rapidly responding to what clinicians want and need to simplify their practices. So happy with SimplePractice, only wish they had existed when I started out!
Rebecca C., PhD
SimplePractice customer

Superb Customer Service

Super fast responses when I needed support, and a truly helpful product that I use all the time.
Traci U.
SimplePractice customer

Wonderfully simple and supportive

I have been looking for a program for some time and stumbled across SimplePractice. It fits my private practice needs so well in it's simplicity and expansive services.

I also so appreciate their customer support and desire for feedback to continue to improve on their product. I highly recommend SimplePractice!
Laura C.
Marriage & Family Therapist

Makes you look forward to the 'paperwork.'

I was hesitant to move my practice from paper to electronic, but everyday I log into SP, I'm thrilled so much of the 'work' is done for me. It seems to ask the right questions- intuitive drop down windows, easy to read fonts, including size, and it's pretty on the eye. The new features they roll out feel personalized for me and my practice. And they have this little suggestion box that pops up with SIMPLE tutorials and/or suggestions. Makes me feel like I've got a friend helping with the business part of the practice.

Plus, you'll love that you can access your files from anywhere. Do it. Well worth the jump.
Amy P.

SimplePractice makes managing a Private Practice easy

SimplePractice is really great. I love all the special features: client portal (so clients can fill out forms before coming in to the office), text/email/vm reminders sent to clients if they want them, integrated credit card billing for clients, etc. It makes running a private practice so much easier.
Michael G., LMFT
Psychotherapist in private practice

I'm so grateful for SimplePractice

In April of 2015 my entire office building burned down in a fire during the middle of the night. Luckily no one was injured, but everything was lost. There were about 15 other therapists that worked in the office building whose daily workspace was literally up in smoke. Our offices had become our sacred places. The places we went to work each day to live our passion. The places we saw clients heal, grow, and change.

As we all reeled from the extent of the damage, I realized I was one of the only therapists in the building that was using an electronic health record. Yes, I had lost everything, but I hadn't lost my client files and in our field, we know how devastating that can be. I had colleagues who were literally carrying smoke damaged file cabinets out of the basement in hopes of salvaging some of their records.

I'm so grateful for SimplePractice because I was able to walk away from the fire knowing all my important clinical information was securely stored and safely protected in electronic form. I've since moved into a new office and am rebuilding all that was lost, but in amongst it all, I haven't had to worry a moment about my client files, data or billing information and for that I'm eternally grateful. Thank you SimplePractice for offering more than just a great service, you've offered me the ability to build back from devastation faster than imagined.
Anna O.

Very apple friendly

I'm new to the system, but so far I'm pleased. It works a little more intuitively than other systems I have checked into, and the new client portal sold me on upgrading after my free trial.
Melissa D.
LPC in private practice

Happy Client!

I find the SimplePractice software user friendly, economical, and very practical for therapists in private practice. I love how it keeps the various facets of my practice from the client data, clinical documentation, billing, to scheduling both organized and centralized. I highly recommend this product to private practice therapists!
Dr. Tequilla H.
Hill Psychotherapeutic Services, LLC

SimplePractice has it all.

SimplePractice is easy to use and lets you create bills, enter therapy notes, upload documents and client information in a secure manner. Customer service is extremely responsive and quickly implements suggestions from users into the platform. I highly recommend SimplePractice to any mental health professional looking to make their practice, well . . . simpler.
Ari F.

Great time saver

I'm very pleased with SimplePractice. It's easy to use and affordable. It saves me significant time in billing, record keeping, scheduling and appointment reminders. The customer services is excellent as well. I've always gotten a prompt and courteous response. For me there are a few features missing, but I'm looking forward to the new ones that SimplePractice has in the works. I highly recommend SimplePractice to anyone who'd like to streamline and save time.
Sharon M.
Sharon Martin Counseling & Personal Growth

Awesome interface, clean, easy, sweet price--can't beat it.

I tried out several online sites and used another service for 2 years. While I liked their interface, their price (59/month) was too steep for my small practice. I tried out several others--really tried them and they were really convoluted or buggy. SimplePractice really has a clean design and feel to it. The interface works well, no bugs, I can see my income easily--no extra ledgers or pie charts. The other thing I am enjoying is the fact that SimplePractice keeps adding on and improving--its like they actually read the suggestions and try them out...hooray!

Love the price point--24 bucks/month when you buy the year--no charts, paper, worries--touch it once, close the loop.
Jill R., Ph.D.

This has simplified my life!

This system is a therapist's best friend. It has everything in one place and is very user friendly. I don't know what I did without it. They are very quick to respond to questions and follow up to make sure you are satisfied. Excellent service. Excellent product.
Sarah A.
Individual and Family Therapist

Convenient system and responsive admin

I loathe paperwork and SimplePractice is an affordable and convenient solution. I love that I can access the program from my laptop or iPhone. I'm impressed with the customer service--they seem to be genuinely interested in my feedback and continuously working to improve the site.
Korrie K., MFT Trainee
Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center

Perfect for the solo practitioner

I looked at quite a few electronic records/practice management tools before I signed on for one, and I'd become quite discouraged. Either they cost too much money (both in monthly fees and setup fees), had more bells and whistles than I needed (and therefore were too complicated), had terrible customer service, and/or didn't have features I needed. SimplePractice had everything I wanted at a reasonable price, with no set-up fee. Quick, friendly customer service, easy-to-use, attractive tool, AND I can own my data, so no worries about what to do if they ever go out of business (I hope never!) or if I move to something else. I've had the CEO/founder contact me himself, and the company is extremely receptive to ideas for what could improve the program. I'm very happy with how easy it's been to get started with it.
Ruth G., L.C.S.W.
Clinician in private practice

Perfect for my practice

I have been using SimplePractice for a couple of months now, and I have very few complaints. The interface is simple and easy to navigate - I really enjoy logging in daily to see my calendar, and then navigating into client charts and back to the calendar. I have found it really easy to add new client information, chart my notes, and keep track of billing.

I was able to learn how to navigate the system quickly, as it is very user-friendly and intuitive. I know that SimplePractice is dedicated to adding more features - and I look forward to what is to come. For example, I'm looking forward to a few smaller features, including being able to add non-client appt.'s to the calendar, saving note templates, and the client portal which should be released fairly soon.
Laura H.
Clinical Psychologist

Manage your patients and counseling business all in one place

I searched for years for a practice management system that had all of the basics for a small practice but wasn't overly complicated. In short, I needed one basic foundation system to manage my patients, payments, therapy notes, treatment planning, and appointments. I was using three systems to do individual functions with no integration of information. Finally, I found SimplePractice...

The integration with Stripe credit card payment system was added right after I started using SimplePractice and it significantly improved my cash flow and ease of patient payments.

I wish I found SimplePractice sooner and would highly recommend it.
Michael C.
A Talented Mind Clinic

Such a simple and seamless way to keep track of your private practice!

I use SimplePractice to manage my private psychotherapy practice, and I'd highly recommend it to others! I like the way that all of the contact info, billing, notes, and calendar are in one central spot that I can access from anywhere on my computer or mobile devices.
Jen B.
Art Psychotherapist in Private Practice

Great for the Busy Practitioner!

I'm too busy to learn a complicated software program. I know too many already! If you are looking for all the bells and whistles, keep looking. If you just want to go paperless, and have a beautiful, sleek, easy to use program, with responsive customer support, try SimplePractice.
Kathy M.
Owner at Couples Therapy Inc

Easy to use

I'm really happy with all that I see with SimplePractice. Great design, easy to use and overall a useful tool for me to streamline my therapy practice.
Laura K.
Therapist at Laura Kang Therapy

Review of SimplePractice

I have thoroughly enjoyed this product! I wanted a product to make my practice paperless. I work at several locations and needed my practice documents to be mobile and simpler. This product has greatly helped me with that goal! It is simple to use and easy to learn... I think that it will greatly help you with time management and in turn help you make more money as you will be able to spend more time working with clients rather than filling out paperwork.
Stephanie Z.
LMFT at Fig Garden Counseling Center

A must have!

I have loved everything about my experience with SimplePractice! It is easy to use and streamlines many of the things I need to do and keep track of in my business. It has been crucial in helping me transition to a paperless practice and had made HIPAA compliance easier. Using SimplePractice has saved me a lot of time and hassle. -And the customer service has been PHENOMENAL! I HIGHLY recommend it!
Renee G.
Psychotherapist at Renee Bradford Garcia, LCSW

I love SimplePractice!

SimplePractice has really helped me stay current on notes and keep everything on track in my private practice. It is simple and easy to use.
Ali G.
MFT in private practice

Easy to use, great features, wonderful customer service

I'm a big fan of SimplePractice. I've used five other notes programs/medical records software for my practice and this app is definitely the best. They must have a great advisory committee of therapists because it has features that I use often that I never really knew I wanted in a notes program.

It's really simple and intuitive to use. Plus I like simple, modern aesthetic of the app. It's finally not a headache to sit down a complete notes for clients.
Karen S.
Self-employed psychotherapist

Excellent VALUE, CUSTOMER SERVICE and EASY to use!

Easy to use, prints statements, and Superbills as well as uploads clinical forms for each patient/client. HIPPA compliant takes the worry out of private practice.
Mishel C.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Private Practice

HIGHLY recommended

I find SimplePractice very easy to use. It has made my life a great deal more organized and efficient. I love not having the ordeal of paper notes. I can easily access my clients' information anywhere - and it's safe too!
Tracy T.
Co-Founder/LPC & LMFT at GirlTalk Therapy

Great tool for therapists

I can do all of my administrative tasks in one location. It's really user friendly and simple to use. It's easy to enter my notes, do billing codes, diagnosis and set fees. Best practice management tool that I have used!!!
Julie C.
Owner at Julie Cohen LMFT

Impressive practice management program

Most impressive rate of development keeps the program fresh and offering new features each month. Was impressed when Howard, the CEO and lead person of SimplePractice, contacted me during my trial month and talked with me about what I was looking for in practice software and let me know of pending development milestones they had targeted.
Carl S.
PsyD at The Healing Place

beautiful product

Overall I love this product! They are quick to integrate feedback from their users.
Jessica H.
Therapist at Thrive Mental Wellness

Great service value for the cost

SimplePractice has all the basic things you need to keep your practice organized - calendar, billing, and forms for session and treatment notes. The design is "simple" but appealing, and it is intuitive and easy to navigate...

When I can't find an answer within the software, customer service has been prompt and responsive. So far they've been great!
Jemila D.

So grateful

I've been using SimplePractice for 6 months now and have found it to be a great help to my practice. All the information from billing to client information to my calendar to treatment notes is in one location and integrated.
Cristine R.
Therapist at Cristine Ramsdale Counseling

Simple, streamlined system with great customer service

I appreciate how simple it is to enter and edit information... I would recommend this system to anyone in private practice.
Bethany R.
Raab Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC

Useful and Efficient

I looked around extensively for a program that was useful in managing calendar, notification, therapy notes, and billing but also simple enough to not cause more work for me. Most of the programs I found seemed to make it even more complicated and cumbersome to do my job, SimplePractice is easy to learn, easy on the eyes, and useful in the domains I need it. Thanks SimplePractice!
Kelsey D.
Founder at Unbridled Counseling

SimplePractice is true to its name

I looked long and hard for a practice management system that would suit my needs. By and large, I found everything I tried to be cumbersome and complicated. SimplePractice, by contrast, is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly.

In addition, the customer service is consistently quick, pleasant, and helpful.
Tessa A.

Amazing! Wonderful!

A very simple and intuitive program that makes my life simpler. And a very responsive customer service!
Michelle G.

SimplePractice has simplified my life!

I have been trying to "go paperless" in my practice for years. As a result, I cobbled together several programs that addressed progress notes, correspondence, billing, book keeping, and cloud storage, which became unwieldy and expensive to maintain. With SimplePractice, I have been able to streamline the administrative part of my practice, which leaves me more time and energy for my clinical work. SimplePractice was a small investment with a big return. The SP team is responsive to ideas, and they continue to improve the application to keep up with dynamic changes inherent to both mental health and every changing technology. Suffice it to say, I'm a VERY happy customer.
Heather B.
Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice

Best reframe for paperwork

I have been using SimplePractice for the last four months. I transferred over from a different online management software that was overly complicated and twice the price. I am happy I made the switch. SimplePractice has an intuitive design that makes it easy to navigate and use. I especially like that you can enter payments and notes all from the calendar. Best, of course, is the customer service. Any questions I have they respond promptly and are always open to feedback...

I think that is what I love best. They are always making it better. It's a great management tool that adds ease to managing my practice.
Jessica I.
Marriage & Family Therapist

Great Company

I really have to give high marks to SimplePractice! I am on month 2 and really think that the company is totally on the right track with staying on top of all of the changes that I deal with as a clinician.

They are really great about taking feedback and making changes as they see necessary. Every morning i wake up to an e-mail from SimplePractice reminding me about my schedule for the day. Not a feature that i really need but I will bet that will be helpful to many!

Highly recommend SimplePractice to anyone who is looking to go electronic with records...appointments, etc.
Traci C.
Social Worker

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