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Jill S. from Los Angeles, CA

Jill S. from Los Angeles, CA

Everything you need from booking to billing

Telehealth by SimplePractice


Offer HIPAA-compliant video appointments including screen-sharing.

Client Portal by SimplePractice

Client Portal

Centralize your client communication with a secure, online portal.

Scheduling by SimplePractice


Send free reminders and schedule appointments on your time, on your terms.

Documentation by SimplePractice


Streamline all of your intake and documentation needs in one place.

Billing by SimplePractice


Simplify client payments with AutoPay and online credit card processing.

Insurance by SimplePractice


File primary and secondary insurance claims electronically in seconds.

Mobile by SimplePractice


Handle everything from scheduling to billing with our top-rated mobile app.

Support by SimplePractice


Rely on an all-star customer success team that’s there for you every step of the way.

Why SLPs Choose SimplePractice

Client Portal

Simplify the client experience

Give clients or caregivers a secure way to make payments, sign documents online, and schedule appointments—all in one place.


Get paid on time, every time

Reduce the time you spend on billing with automatically generated invoices, statements, and superbills.


Conduct virtual sessions

Share worksheets, video clips, and other documents with screen-share plus audio to improve participation and client engagement.

Mobile App

Manage your practice on the go

Whether it's a home, telehealth, or office visit, you can easily schedule appointments, write notes, and collect payments.

Insurance Billing

Demystify insurance billing

Choose from hundreds of early intervention, Medicaid, or Medicare insurance payers. Submit your claims with one click.

SOAP Notes

Streamline your note-taking

Choose from the robust template library, customize your SOAP notes, and load your previous note for easy tracking.


“I love being able to chart session notes, submit billing, schedule appointments, store online intake forms, send appointment reminders, and obtain confirmation. It’s all in one place and exactly what I need to run an efficient practice while wearing many hats.”

— Lakisha D. from Apopka, FL

Lakisha D. from Apopka, FL


“I’m a speech language pathologist with a small private practice and have been using SimplePractice since I started. Everything from onboarding new clients and paperless intakes, to easy scheduling, and daily notes—it’s been a game changer. It saves me so much time and hassle. I’m so happy I found SimplePractice.”

— Jillian L. from Williamsville, NY

Jillian L. from Williamsville, NY


“This is everything I wanted but didn't know it. I love that this system will allow me to remain organized and streamlined as I transition from private pay to accepting insurance.”

— Amanda T. from Kenosha, WI

Amanda T. from Kenosha, WI


“SimplePractice is an all-in-one, HIPAA-compliant practice management software that has been life-changing for my practice. It has allowed me significantly more time to work with clients and to spend less time on administrative tasks such as generating paper claims and statements.”

— Debbie O. from Encino, CA

Debbie O. from Encino, CA


“As a one-person practice, I handle everything: intake, scheduling, documentation, billing, etc. I needed a simple, comprehensive software package to help me do that efficiently. I'm not as techno-savvy, so I benefit from the straightforward design. Terrific value for the money!”

— Lucia Watson from Providence, RI

Lucia Watson from Providence, RI

Save Time

“It has really helped save me time. Now I can focus on patients and growing my practice. I didn't realize how much of my time was being eaten up until I made the switch to SimplePractice.”

— JoAnne B. from Nashville, TN

JoAnne B. from Nashville, TN

Client Portal

“Makes managing my practice easy. Has everything in one place, is HIPAA compliant, and very user friendly. I love the Client Portal feature and ability to go paperless.”

— Kira M. from Bloomfield, NJ

Kira M. from Bloomfield, NJ


“The scheduling and initial billing are great. I like that the templates are customizable and the client portal feature works well. I am also using the telehealth feature which is great. They continuously upgrade the site and add new features for SLPs as well, which is really nice.”

— Brittany P. from Kennesaw, GA

Brittany P. from Kennesaw, GA



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