Telehealth made simple for SLPs

Reach more clients by offering virtual sessions with a fully integrated, HIPAA-compliant platform.

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Jill S. from Pittsburgh, PA

Jill S. from Pittsburgh, PA

Streamline your workflow

Initiate telehealth sessions on your computer or iPad right from your calendar within the SimplePractice platform.

Streamline your workflow

Simplify client booking and intakes

Streamline your onboarding process by offering online appointment requests and paperless intakes forms to new and existing clients.

Simplify client booking and intakes

Run your practice on-the-go

Conduct appointments no matter where you are. Plus, clients can easily join telehealth sessions straight from the mobile app.

Run your practice on-the-go

Keep your appointments secure

Manage your telehealth appointments with ease, knowing that your data is secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Keep your appointments secure

Engage clients in real-time

Screen-share worksheets, games, documents, and video clips to keep clients of all ages involved during virtual sessions.

Engage clients in real-time with screenshare

Connect with ease

Upload worksheet activities, voice recordings, photos, and more to the client portal for clients to download and complete.

Connect with ease

Find the right clients

Use preloaded consultation sessions to get to know prospective clients or caretakers ahead of adding a new client to your workload.

Find the right clients

Reduce no-shows

Improve attendance with automated appointment reminders via text, email, or phone, making it easy for everyone to start on time.

Reduce no-shows


“As a one-person practice, I handle everything: intake, scheduling, documentation, billing, etc. I needed a simple, comprehensive software package to help me do that efficiently. I'm not as techno-savvy, so I benefit from the straightforward design. Terrific value for the money!”

— Lucia Watson from Providence, RI

Lucia Watson from Providence, RI

Mobile App

“I really like that SimplePractice has a phone app. I can see my schedule, and it syncs up with my Google calendar. I look at notes when I'm on my way to see clients. And clients can even pay right from the app.”

— Jill S. from Pittsburgh, PA

Jill S. from Pittsburgh, PA

Online Appointment Requests

“If people can't book you without talking to you, you're not open for business. And SimplePractice helps with that. You can make an appointment and never have left your couch.”

— Donna O. from Washington D.C.

Donna O. from Washington D.C.

Customer Success

“SimplePractice has helped me focus on treating substance use disorders and co-occurring issues without getting bogged down by the administrative tasks necessary to run a solo private practice. ”

— Anna M. from Northborough, MA

Anna M. from Northborough, MA

Group Practice

“If you are thinking about a group practice, I would say get your electronic records system in place and comfortable with it. SimplePractice has been great for operating our practice.”

— Dr. Lisa H. from Tacoma, WA

Dr. Lisa H. from Tacoma, WA


“SimplePractice helped reduce our overhead costs significantly. It does so much of the work for us, which saves us time and simplifies our life!”

— Dave W. from Fort Collins, CO

Dave W. from Fort Collins, CO


“When I started my practice, a lot of my colleagues started with ‘paper-and-pen’ to save money. I knew that eventually I wanted more, so I started with an EHR that could grow with me.”

— Taylor M. from Seattle, WA

Taylor M. from Seattle, WA



Frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions, or read all FAQs.

How much does Telehealth cost?

Telehealth by SimplePractice costs $10/month/clinician and is only available on the Professional Plan. So your all-in monthly cost as a solo practitioner would be $69 ($59 + $10).

What equipment do I need?

To provide telehealth sessions, you will need the following:

  • A computer (laptop or desktop) or smartphone. Newer devices (purchased in the last two years) will be better equipped to provide telehealth sessions.
  • An integrated or external microphone.
  • An integrated or external web camera.
  • An internet connection that is at least 10 Mbps. For optimal results, a reliable, high-speed internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 Mbps will minimize connection issues and provide the best quality.

What can I expect in terms of the sound and video quality?

Connection problems can be caused by a variety of outside factors such as low quality, older equipment, or an overloaded computer (i.e. too many programs running). In general, poor video quality is attributable to a poor internet connection.

Here are some basic steps that can improve the overall quality:

  • Use wired Ethernet instead. Wifi will work, but you may experience a lag or some interference, which can make your video and audio choppy. A wired Ethernet internet will give you a smoother, more consistent experience.
  • Test your internet connection speed. Use our built-in Internet Quality Check before each session.
  • Close other programs. To minimize disruption, close out all other programs running in the background. Adjust your lighting. Small lighting tweaks can make a big impact. Avoid any backlight and make sure your camera is at eye level.

How does billing for telehealth work?

When billing insurance, we recommend that you always check with the individual insurance payer to determine whether telehealth services are covered and, if they are, which codes or modifier should be used for different types of services.

It’s very important to check directly with the insurance payer because coverage for telehealth services is constantly changing.

Read all FAQs

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