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Telehealth screen sharing with SimplePractice
The video quality is great, the process is seamlessly integrated for existing SimplePractice users, and I like how well it’s managed within my SimplePractice calendar.


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Empower new and existing clients to book their own appointments—and still keep control over your schedule.

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Both you and your client can check your internet quality, so you can make sure every session is productive and uninterrupted.

SimplePractice Telehealth Internet Quality Check

Like a doorbell, but for Telehealth

Hear a delightful "ding" anytime a client joins an appointment. There’ll also be a sound notification when a client leaves.

New Telehealth Sound Feature from SimplePractice

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New to Telehealth or want to learn more? Check out our live Q&A sessions or our Getting Started Guide.

Telehealth therapy session at SimplePractice

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