Save time, stay organized and secure

Streamline your workflow with structured notes, specialized templates, and reusable forms. Store all of your business and client documents securely, and remain HIPAA-compliant.

Start with a template or create your own

Choose from a robust library or customize your own templates for your practice—intake forms, assessments, treatment plans, ROI forms, and more. Plus, add in HIPAA-compliant eSignatures.

Choose from a library of 100s or customize your own templates for your practice

Keep track of client progress

Access all of your progress notes on your computer or mobile device. Sign and lock your progress notes with a single click, and easily reload a previous note to pick up where you left off.

Quickly review or write notes on your computer, tablet, or phone
I love SimplePractice! All of my case notes are organized and accessible
anywhere with internet access.


Simplify treatment planning

Use a searchable library with thousands of ICD-10 codes. Integrate your treatment plans seamlessly with progress notes, document status exams, assessments, and summaries with ease.

Simple, efficient treatment planning

Use Wiley Treatment Planners®

Quickly and easily build evidence-based Wiley Treatment Plans, choosing from over 1,000 prewritten treatment goals, objectives, and interventions organized around commonly encountered presenting problems.

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Now available: Wiley Treatment Planners