SimplePractice vs. TheraNest

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Why SimplePractice is better than TheraNest

Transparent, affordable pricing

Serve as many clients as you want with all the convenience and flexibility SimplePractice offers for a great price.


The Difference

More value for the cost

Take this for example. If your full-time practice sees around 25 clients/week, and you have 45 active clients, you would pay less for SimplePractice.

Essential Professional TheraNest
Monthly subscription fee $39 $59 $60
Appointment reminders Based on ~100 reminders per month $0 $0 $5
Credit card processing fees Based on 10 charges totaling $1000 $32.50 $32.50 $31.20
eFile insurance claims Based on 100 per month N/A $22 $59
ERA (payment reports) Based on 100 per month N/A $0 $10
Telehealth Based on unlimited sessions N/A $10 $12
Client portal N/A $0 $6
Wiley Treatment Planners Free for a limited time N/A $0 $25
True monthly cost $71.50 $134.50 $208.20
SimplePractice has the features I need: progress notes, online booking, and easy scheduling. I love the look of it—very modern and professional. And all at the perfect price point.

— Meaghan H.



Mobilize your practice, literally

Streamline your scheduling, billing, and more with the top-rated SimplePractice mobile app—available for iPhone and Android.


The Difference

Better ratings from more practitioners

The SimplePractice mobile app has a 4.7/5 rating based on 8,500+ practitioner reviews. By comparison, TheraNest’s app only has a 2.6/5 rating based on <30 reviews.

I use the mobile app all day. With SimplePractice, I can be in complete control of my business from anywhere in the world.

— Nathan R.

Get paid on time, every time

AutoPay runs a client’s card each night to save time, avoid payment conversations, and minimize unpaid sessions.


The Difference

An automatic system

SimplePractice’s AutoPay means you’re always paid for services rendered—and TheraNest doesn’t offer that.

The AutoPay feature has been a life saver. With great invoicing and billing features, SimplePractice does everything we need. I can’t recommend it enough!

— Zakk G.

Give clients the freedom of choice

New and existing clients can request their own appointments through the Client Portal—including virtual sessions.


The Difference

Easy to embed on your site

You can easily embed the Booking Widget on your website to improve your clients’ experience.

I love how intuitive the software is. It has been very easy to use for my clients and helps to decrease no-show appointments.

— Jasmine M.

A team dedicated to your success

Almost every company has a customer service department. But at SimplePractice, it’s not just a department. It’s who we are.


The Difference

A better switching experience

SimplePractice has a dedicated Switching Team that helps migrate your client data from your previous EHR.

Manage and grow your private practice, all in one place.

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