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Clients can update their credit card in the Client Portal

Clients can now view saved credit cards, add new ones, and choose which card they want as the default payment method in the Client Portal. All you have to do is enable access billing documents in each of their Client Portal settings.

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Clients Update Credit Card

Signing made simple

Collecting client signatures just got easier. Now you can request them directly in the Client Portal so clients (or guardians or contacts) can review and sign shared documents like progress notes and treatment plans.

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Clients Signing Shared Documentation

Your 2021 tax report is now available

You can now download your 2021 tax report. Head to Reports, then Income and find your 2021 Tax Report. Once it’s ready to download, you can find it in the Data Export section of your account settings.

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2021 Tax Report

Virtual backgrounds for telehealth

You—or your clients—can now choose from 9 different virtual telehealth backgrounds. Currently available via the web browser.

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Virtual Background Telehealth

Blurred background for telehealth

You can now blur your background during telehealth calls. It’s available for all participants on the telehealth call and is currently supported via your web browser*. (May be limited on certain browsers.)

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Blurred Background Telehealth