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New viewing options in Telehealth

Telehealth now has more customizable viewing options while you’re on a call, so you can put your focus where it’s needed most. Now, you can hide your self view so your whole screen is dedicated to your client, and you can pin anyone, regardless of who’s speaking. You can also switch easily between Speaker and Grid View while you’re on the call.

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SimplePractice is HITRUST CSF® certified

HITRUST is the only certification that aligns 100% with HIPAA and includes security controls for CCPA compliance, an increasingly important distinction in the healthcare space. SimplePractice is the first and only electronic health record (EHR) platform available on the market for private practitioners to achieve HITRUST CSF certification, the highest security standards available in its category.

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More inclusive Race & Ethnicity options

Race and ethnicity is no longer separated into two different drop-downs. We’ve now grouped race and ethnicity together to be one field in the Client Info settings, drawing upon the 2020 United States Census to create a more inclusive and accurate selection of options to choose from. This section also includes a free text field for you to add any relevant details about your client’s background—like their country of origin or tribal affiliation.

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File secondary insurance claims

This update auto-populates the Payment Report (ERA) data from the primary claim onto the secondary claim, so now you can electronically file both with just a few clicks. If you received a Payment Report (ERA) from the primary claim, all you need to do is click “Create Secondary Claim” and “Submit.”

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