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More inclusive Race & Ethnicity options

Race and ethnicity is no longer separated into two different drop-downs. We’ve now grouped race and ethnicity together to be one field in the Client Info settings, drawing upon the 2020 United States Census to create a more inclusive and accurate selection of options to choose from. This section also includes a free text field for you to add any relevant details about your client’s background—like their country of origin or tribal affiliation.

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File secondary insurance claims

This update auto-populates the Payment Report (ERA) data from the primary claim onto the secondary claim, so now you can electronically file both with just a few clicks. If you received a Payment Report (ERA) from the primary claim, all you need to do is click “Create Secondary Claim” and “Submit.”

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New reminders added

You'll now receive a reminder to wish your client a happy birthday and when a recurring appointment series is about to end. In addition, MSE/Tx reminders have been updated so that reminders only show up after an appointment.

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