Fill-in-the-Blank Letter Templates for Your Private Practice

Save Time with Free Letter Templates

Trying to write a business letter from scratch can be a challenge, especially when you have limited time. So, we created a document with several commonly requested letter templates that can be easily edited and personalized. 

The sample letters came from various sources. Some letters came directly from SimplePractice blog posts, while a few came from customers, and the rest we found from credible online sources. Free-Therapist-Letter-Templates

These letters can be downloaded in your preferred format (Google doc or Word doc). You can add your logo and contact info directly to the document. Or you can simply copy the body of one of the letter templates and paste it directly into a document with your own letterhead. Either way, these templates will come in handy when you a need a quick letter and don’t have time to start from scratch.

Templates included

Here’s a few of the letter templates included: 

  • Sample Collection Letter to Client
  • Sample Letter to Colleagues Seeking Referrals
  • Treatment Termination Due to Lack of Progress
  • Premature Discontinuation of Therapy – Sample Letter To Client
  • Letter Prescribing an Emotional Support Animal
  • Sample Letter to Airline – Emotional Support Animal for Flight
  • Timely Filing Appeals Letter to Insurance Payer

We hope you find them useful – and would love to hear your feedback!

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