Liability coverage for interns: who’s covered & who’s not

During an internship there is a lot to learn, after all, that is why they were created right? New positions, job requirements, new techniques, communicating with people on the job, long days complete with hard work – that’s what an internship entails. Along with learning new tasks, come additional responsibilities and risks. Even after interns have completed their required coursework, the learning has only just begun. As a student, in training mistakes can and do happen. This means your license can be put at risk and mistakes can quickly lead to a lawsuit.

Lawsuits are not a pretty subject to discuss, however, the conversations must take place. One mistake while in the learning process could cost you your career before it ever gets started. Completing hours under supervision is a requirement for licensure for many mental health and allied health professions including psychology interns, marriage therapist interns, nursing interns and many more.

During these hours, you may learn more than you ever did in the classroom. Hands-on experience is priceless, and it finally gives you the opportunity to apply all that you’ve learned. When you’re first starting out though, mistakes may be unavoidable. It is true that we can learn from our mistakes, but the unfortunate reality is that sometimes those mistakes can cost us. Intern malpractice coverage is the only way to be fully protected from the financial and professional costs of allegations.

From mental health professionals to allied health providers, professional liability insurance is essential. The supervision of interns is automatically covered by a healthcare provider’s individual policy, in the event of an allegation supervisors are protected from harm that could come to their license if they have malpractice insurance. Interns, on the other hand, are not covered under the insurance provided by the place of internship and therefore need their own policy. 

Interns are highly encouraged to purchase their own intern malpractice coverage during the length of the internship. Coverage for Post-Masters Under Supervision and Post-Doctoral Under Supervision exists so interns can purchase professional liability insurance while still working toward licensure. Obtaining your own malpractice insurance during an internship helps to protect your license and career before it ever begins. In the event a mistake leads to a lawsuit from an unhappy client, protection is provided, attorney fees are covered, defense is provided, helping to protect the license you are close to achieving.

While completing hours under supervision, interns should be able to focus on learning everything they can, not stressing about a potential lawsuit. Intern malpractice coverage helps the learning process continue without being polluted by the worries of insurance formalities.

This guest blog is written by our trusted partner CPH & Associates. 

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