Quick Tip: Reload your Past Notes!

Written by Trevor Hanson on October 5, 2016
Reload Past Notes

Did you know you can reload your past notes into a new note? You have the ability to reload all notes even if you used a custom notes template! It’s super simple and makes it easier for you to write your notes.

To reload the previous note, open a new Progress Note for a session. Click on the “Reload” icon (the little circular arrows) which is right above the text box. After doing this, the last note for your client will appear. It’s like magic (or really smart computer code)!

The trick here is to not change the template, otherwise, the “Reload” icon won’t be displayed. Don’t worry, when you reload the note, it will automatically display in the correct template no matter what template you used.

Want to create custom notes templates? They’re part of the Professional Plan.


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