What We’re Reading — November 2020

This year has taken a serious toll for a lot of people. There are plenty of reasons people may be seeking extra support right now. 

More often than not, it’s our communities that lift us up and help us find our way through uncertain times. As we continue to navigate the rest of this year together, we’re thinking about what care looks like for ourselves and the people we care about. 

This is what we’re reading—

My Therapist Wants Me To Practice Mindfulness

October 14, 2020
The Offing

Practice Mindfulness SimplePractice WWR

What does mindfulness look like in everyday moments?

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Errands and Showers Are Not Self-Care for Moms

August 31, 2020

SimplePractice WWR Not Self Care

It’s difficult for moms to get a break even in the best of times, but with everyone staying home all the time, this year has made it harder than ever for moms to take any time for themselves. And no, a visit to the dentist doesn’t count as alone time. 

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After Wildfires, Community Gatherings Offer Emotional Support

September 3, 2020
Yes! Magazine

SimplePractice WWR Emotional Support

After the massive wildfires California experienced in 2017, some Santa Rosa residents started attending convivencias, or community gatherings. Although they’re technically therapy support groups, at a quick glance they look just like a potluck, or a picnic. Through that wildfire season, 2020’s unprecedented fires, and COVID-19, convivencias are offering communities a place to come together and heal. 

5 mins

The Art of Solitude

Nonfiction book by Stephen Batchelor

SimplePractice WWR Art of Solitude

When Buddhist scholar and writer Stephen Batchelor turned sixty, he decided to take a break from academia and focus on solitude instead. In this beautiful mix of personal narrative and stories from solitude’s practitioners, this book examines what it means to be alone—and how to enjoy it. 

200 pages

Wait! What Year is This?

September 1, 2020
The Paris Review

What Year Is This SimplePractice WWR

The world has changed drastically in a short amount of time. As it seems like every single thing that happens continues to be “unprecedented,” it can feel like we’re living in a work of science fiction—but some people also might feel like we’ve been here before.   

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How to Nourish Resilience in Times of Trauma

September 20, 2020
Yes! Magazine

SimplePractice WWR Nourish Your Resiliance

For many people, this year has been one trauma after another. When it seems like there’s no end in sight, it can be overwhelming to go through the motions of daily life. In those situations, people have to make a conscious effort to nourish themselves.  

5 mins

I’ve Spent Decades Studying How People Build Their Families. 

October 14, 2020
Time Magazine

SimplePractice WWR Family Structures

What does it take to make a family? Society has had a lot of definitions of family throughout the years, and those definitions continue to change as science and public opinion evolve. But one researcher says that in the coming years, all definitions might go out the window—and that’ll actually be a good thing. 

11 min

The Dunning-Kruger Effect Explains Why Society is So Screwed-Up

May 12, 2020

SimplePractice WWR Dunning-Kruger

We’ve all encountered someone that seems to think if they talk loud enough, we won’t notice that what they’re saying doesn’t actually make any sense. This confidence without competence actually has a name: the Dunning-Kruger Effect. And it’s why society is moving in the direction that is.   

9 min

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