What to Do When a Client Hasn’t Met Their Deductible

Written by SimplePractice on March 16, 2016

Ah, Spring. A time of new beginnings, eager therapy clients…and deductibles that STILL haven’t been met. You’ve done everything right and submitted claims to your clients’ insurance companies. But then they denied the claim or sent the dreaded $0 EOB and you need to input that info into SimplePractice and charge your client the difference.

Fortunately, managing deductibles in SimplePractice is easy. You simply need to update the amount that the client owes you based upon what insurance is willing to pay. Once you update this information for your client’s sessions, you can easily generate a new bill (or invoice) to let the client know what they now owe you!

There are 2 different ways to approach deductibles.

Option 1:  Your client pays you your full session fee when the deductible isn’t met.  (Example: Your rate is $150 → Deductible not met → Client pays you $150). You will simply be changing the client’s billing type session by session.



Option 2: Your client only pays you a portion of your rate when the deductible isn’t met, and you write off some portion of the fee. (Example: Your rate is $150 → Deductible not met → Client pays you only the contracted rate $95 and you write off $55). As long as there is an amount to write-off, you can enter $0 insurance payments the usual way.


To see the full tutorials for both of these options, please click here

Email our support team at support@simplepractice.com with any questions about these steps and we’ll be happy to assist.

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