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How to Create A Budget Spreadsheet

It can be overwhelming to create a budget for your private practice, especially if you’ve never done a business budget before. This spreadsheet is built out with all the formulas and budget lines you need to create a budget plan for your business.

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You don’t need to be super comfortable with spreadsheets or formulas to make use of this budget spreadsheet in your private practice. Since all the formulas are already built in, all you need to do is plug in your expenses and income, and the rest will automatically calculate. 

The sections of this spreadsheet are clearly labeled, so you can see which columns you need to update and which ones have formulas that will automatically update. It’s also broken down by expenses, income, and maintenance, so you can easily work on the exact part of your budget that needs your attention. 

This resource includes examples of expenses, number of sessions per week, and total monthly income—all of which can be updated to meet the needs of your practice and your budget. You can use this spreadsheet exactly as is, or use it as a starting point to build your own version.

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