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Professional Will Template

Although creating a professional will isn’t necessarily exciting, it’s a caring and wise action you can take to protect your practice and your clients. Even if you hope to never need it, it’s a good idea to have a professional will in place. This free template has everything you need to create your own professional will with ease.

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This free professional will for therapists lays out what you need to include in your will, as well as sections that can be more customized to your unique situation and practice. You’ll be able to add your executors, the circumstances that would require you to use a professional will, and how to notify the executor when it’s enacted. 

Plus, there are sections where you can lay out where your documents, client files, and login information are stored in the event your executor needs it. There’s also guidance for how to notify your clients, employees, and supervisees. 

This professional will template has everything you need to ensure continuity of care for your clients in the event something unexpected happens to you. You can follow this template closely for easy use, or you can adapt certain parts to match your unique voice and your practice specifics. Download this template today to start a plan for your future and the future of your practice.

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