Take control of your schedule

Use Online Booking to schedule appointments, send automated appointment reminders, and easily sync your Google, iCal or Outlook calendar.

Save time and get new clients with Online Booking

Set your recurring availability and let clients request appointments in your Client Portal or on your website. You have full control over which times, services, and locations are available.


See how Online Booking works

Learn how simple it is for clients to see your availability and schedule appointments.

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I love how intuitive the software is. It has been very easy to use for my clients and
helps to decrease no-show appointments.


Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders

Free, unlimited text, email and voice reminders ensure your clients make their appointments. Customize your message only once: we’ll send reminders for you and provide delivery status reports.


Stay organized across multiple calendars

Sync your iCal, Google or Outlook calendar to organize your business and personal appointments. With two-way Google sync, make changes in either calendar. Our sync is secure and HIPAA compliant, so your information is protected.