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Thousands of practitioners are modernizing and streamlining their practices with SimplePractice's online appointment requests.

These practitioners transformed their clients’ experience while maintaining control of their calendars. Here's what they have to say about online appointment requests.

Why it's important

How it works for practitioners like you

Increase accessibility

Greater access to mental and wellness services is directly correlated to how you run your business. When you offer online appointment requests, clients won't have to jump through hoops to connect with you.

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Increase accessibility

Make your business work for you

Did you know that more than a third of all appointments are booked during nonoperational hours? So instead of losing out on a lot of viable business, be there for clients when they need you.

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Did you know

34% of appointments
are scheduled after-hours

*Data courtesy of Healthcare Consumer

Keep control over your schedule

Choose which services, time slots, and days you want to be booked for with the appointment request widget from SimplePractice. You can accept or decline any requests you get online.

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Keep control over your schedule

Why it matters to your clients

More than a “nice-to-have”

Private practice is not exempt from changing consumer expectations. With online appointment requests, you can deliver the simplicity prospective and existing clients expect when requesting an appointment.

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Did you know

68% of clients expect the
option to book online

*Data courtesy of Healthcare Consumer

Be a human-first business

The biggest complaint practitioners get is inadequate customer service. As much as you're a practitioner, you're also a business owner. So make sure your practice is set up to deliver the kind of care clients are looking for.

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Human First Business

Did you know

96% of complaints are
about poor customer service

*Data courtesy of Healthcare Consumer

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“I go into the office one day a week, and a couple other days a week, I see clients from home. I use SimplePractice's telehealth platform. They make it really a simple process.”

— Marlene H. from Seattle, WA

SimplePractice Story, Marlene Hillyer from Seattle, WA


“The features I love: easy scheduling for patients, secure messaging, automatic invoice generation, note storage, and Telehealth. No other physical therapy compatible platform offers this much while being able to handle insurance.”

— Katie M. from Everett, WA

SimplePractice Testimonial, Katie McGee, PT, DPT from Everett, WA


“Before SimplePractice, I used paper for chart notes and three different online platforms. Now, my EHR stays tidy, scheduling is clear, and insurance billing is a breeze—plus my patients love it!”

— Liz G. from Portland, OR

SimplePractice Testimonial, Kira Medina-Tiencken, Liz Greenhill, LAc from Portland, OR


“SimplePractice has been the best decision for my private practice as a Dietitian. It's extremely user-friendly and budget-friendly. It seems too good to be true, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

— Marisa M. from Rolling Hills Estates, CA

SimplePractice Testimonial, Kira Medina-Tiencken, Marisa Martorana from Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Client Portal

“I say to patients, "I'm very fancy over here. I have a paperless practice, so everything will come via email." They love it. I can't tell you how many times people will say "I love this client portal." ”

— Dr. Nikki Rubin from Los Angeles, CA

Nikki Rubin, SimplePractice Story from Los Angeles, CA



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