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Letters of Medical Necessity for OTs

Download this free template and learn how to write an effective letter of medical necessity to insurance companies. This bundle, specifically made for occupational therapists, will help save you time.

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Letters of Medical Necessity for OTs

As an occupational therapist, you need to be able to write an effective letter of medical necessity to ensure your clients can receive the support and therapy they need. But with a busy schedule, it can be hard to find the time to write a letter from scratch for each one of your clients. To help make things easier, SimplePractice has created this bundle of fill-in-the-blank letters of medical necessity templates. You’ll find different equipment-focused example letters with customizable sections, so you can easily fill out your patient and practice information. Although letters of medical necessity don’t guarantee approved requests from insurance companies, they can help increase the chances of your client’s insurance covering the requested item, medical equipment, or therapy needed, all while saving you time along the way.

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