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Parent-Child Homework Bundle for OTs

If you’re looking for a way to save time during your busy day, then this bundle of homework sheet templates is perfect for occupational therapists like you. Download them for free and give them to your clients and their parents, so they can work on specific activities at home.

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Parent-Child Homework Bundle for OTs

As an occupational therapist for pediatrics, you’re constantly working with a variety of clients. It can be time-consuming to create new homework sheets or take-home exercises for each one of those clients and their parents or caregivers. That’s why SimplePractice created this free, homework letter template bundle that is completely customizable. You’ll find that each homework sheet caters to different specific client needs such as fine motor activities, visual motor activities, and self-care activities. This homework template bundle is perfect for any OT whether they are looking to empower parents with new tools, or they are just starting to grow their pediatric practice and looking to offer relevant activities.

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