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Speech-Language Pathologist Appointment Scheduling Software


Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows

Last minute cancellations and no-shows can result in a loss of income for your practice. Automated appointment reminders reduce the number of cancellations and time wasted for both you and your clients. Clients can opt-in to receive email, text, or voice appointment reminders that are automatically sent prior to their scheduled appointment. You can personalize your reminders to include information specific to your practice.

If your clients can’t make their scheduled appointment, they have the option to confirm or cancel their appointment directly in the reminder. Advanced notice of a cancellation gives you time back in your day, and creates the option for another client to schedule during that time. Plus, by giving your clients the option to request their own appointments, you won’t need to spend time playing phone tag or exchanging countless emails.

Take Control of Your Schedule

You have a busy schedule, and so do the clients and families you serve. Using an integrated appointment scheduling software can help you take control of your schedule for your small business. Scheduling therapy through a web-based appointment scheduling software can give you the flexibility you need to grow your business, while meeting your clients’ and families’ needs.

Whether your SLP private practice offers in-person care, telehealth care, or even is spread across multiple locations, your calendar should be easily accessible to manage your appointments. SimplePractice offers a seamless calendar view, so that you can view your appointments for the day, week, or month at a glance.

SimplePractice offers an integrated calendar sync so that you can easily manage your day, no matter where your practice takes you. You can easily keep track of personal events and client appointments with SimplePractice’s integrated Google Calendar sync.

Grow Your Practice with Online Appointment Requests

SimplePractice’s online appointment scheduling gives the ability to control your schedule while growing your practice. You can easily manage your availability, and choose which services are available to schedule at times that are convenient for you.

When you use an appointment scheduling software, like the SimplePractice appointment request widget, you make online appointment scheduling a seamless experience for your clients. You can integrate the appointment request widget into your existing site, or you can create a simple, beautiful website with the Professional Website by SimplePractice that already comes fully integrated with the EHR platform. New clients can use the appointment request widget to view your availability, and request an appointment on their own time. Using an online appointment scheduling software will reduce the amount of time you spend on completing administrative tasks, playing phone tag, or sending manual reminders.

Streamline Your Calendar View

A cluttered calendar can leave important information for your day out of reach. A simple, streamlined calendar view can help you prioritize the needs of your SLP private practice with the click of a button. A clean and organized calendar allows you to plan for any therapy sessions, activities, or events for the day. Being able to view your scheduled clients, staff meetings, or practice events on one page can decrease the time you take to prioritize your daily tasks.

SimplePractice’s appointment scheduling offers a unique calendar view where you can easily view important details. Toggling between the day, week, and month view makes online appointment scheduling for clients easier than ever. The calendar view can help you see which appointments are telehealth sessions, or which appointments still need a note written.

The calendar flyout gives you easy access to billing and documentation so that all your daily tasks can be managed from the calendar. Whether you’re seeing a client for therapy two days a week or holding a weekly staff meeting once a month, our recurring appointment feature quickly allows you to customize appointments to match your treatment plans and practice needs.

As your practice grows, scheduling appointments between different therapists and locations can lead to confusion for clients and the rest of your team. SimplePractice’s calendar filters allow you and your staff to view client appointments by therapist and location, so that your team can quickly manage your growing caseload. This allows you to schedule your clients with the therapist who can best meet their specialized needs.


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