Filing claims online: 3 common Myths

Insurance companies are making it easier and easier to file claims electronically. They want you to file online because it costs less for them to process online claims as opposed to paper-and-ink mail-in claims.

At SimplePractice, we’re about to release online claim filing features. While developing these features we’ve talked with a lot of clinicians and we’ve realized that there is a lot of misunderstanding around online claim filing.

Here are the 3 most common misperceptions we hear every day:

1. “Online claims are complicated.”

In truth, filling out an online claim is no different than filling out the standard CMS 1500 (HCFA) claim form. It’s just in a digital version instead of being printed on those official-looking red forms. If you’re currently filling claims through the mail, there is no additional information you’ll be required to submit along with the claim.

2. “I need to be “contracted” or “in-network” with an insurance carrier in order to file electronic claims.”

Almost without exception, any licensed provider with an NPI number can file an online claim. As long as the insurance provider accepts electronic claims, you can file with them. This means you’re able to file claims for all of your clients if you wish, not just the ones “in-network.”

3. “It’s complicated to enroll for online claim filing.”

False- In fact, most insurance providers do not require you to enroll before submitting electronic claims. Only a few major providers require you to enroll: Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid. And for these providers that do require enrollment, the process is pretty simple, especially if you have a partner to guide you through the process like SimplePractice.

In the next couple weeks SimplePractice will publicly release online insurance claim filing. This will enable you to file claims with over 2000 insurance providers with just a few clicks.

At SimplePractice we’re always refining our features to fit the needs of clinicians in private practice so please-

Tell us your experience of transitioning to online claim filing- Good or bad.

Or tell us what’s holding you back from making the switch.

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