I’m Credentialed with Insurance, Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve completed all the hard work of getting credentialed with insurance companies. You’re officially an in-network provider. So… what now? How do you advertise that your practice is part of insurance networks to maximize your new status? 

1. Update your listing in the insurance provider directory

Each insurance panel you participate in has a provider directory where clients can search for a provider. Usually, the information for the directory is taken from your CAQH profile. To access your profile, search for your specialty in your area on the member page of the insurance website, as if you were a potential client seeking therapy services. When your listing appears, make sure it’s correct. Now you see what potential clients see when they’re searching for you!

It’s important to make sure your website, phone number, and address are current so clients won’t have a hard time contacting you.

Make sure to keep this information up to date. Ultimately, the insurance companies are not responsible for whether the provider demographics in their directories are correct. It’s important to make sure your website, phone number, and address are current so clients won’t have a hard time contacting you. If you need to update any information, check the provider manual for instructions on how to edit the listing.  If possible, add a personal blurb and upload a picture.

2. List the insurances you accept on all online platforms and print materials

Online platforms and print materials include:

  • Your website homepage
  • Google My Business page
  • Facebook business page
  • Marketing flyers
  • Other online or hard copy materials you have

Don’t hide the list on a secondary page—put it directly under your contact information. Bonus points for adding a list of the payment methods that you accept as well (cash, check, credit cards, and/or HSA/FSA cards).

Clients will still call and ask which insurance providers you accept, but having that information easily available will help potential clients in their search. It also has the added bonus of making you look professional and prepared.

3. List the insurances you accept on your referral forms

Include a blurb at the bottom of your referral form that lists which insurances you accept, and the payment methods you accept as well. This helps the doctors know who to refer to you, if they have the choice between you and another clinician who accepts different insurances.

4. Create two refer-out lists for your colleagues…

Make a list of colleagues in your area who accept the same insurances that you do, and another list of those who do NOT accept the same insurances that you do. Cultivate a working partnership with those local clinicians so you can refer a client out to them if that client would be a better fit for them due to location or insurance, and so that they can do the same for you. This encourages cooperation—not competition—and everyone benefits from working together!

5. And for other specialties as well

Make lists of other specialists in your area (OTs, PTs, dentists, pediatricians, etc.) to whom you often refer, using the same format (those who accept the same insurance and those who do not). Then, you’ll always have a handy list for clients who require a referral.

And while you’re marketing your in-network status, don’t forget to include that you also accept private pay as well! This may seem counterintuitive when playing up your insurance provider status, but potential clients will be interested in that information. With the price of insurance plans these days, it’s often cheaper and much less complicated for clients to pay out of pocket without submitting claims to their insurance.

To speed up the referral process, we’ve created this free, editable Referral Letter Template:

Click here to download your Referral letter template

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