File insurance claims with confidence

Claim filing is quick, simple, and more secure with easy enrollments, auto-populated claims, status tracking, and integrated ERAs.

Start filing claims faster

Enter your practice info and enroll in claim filing right away. Practice and client info are automatically added to insurance claims. Create, submit, track, and reconcile claims from one central place.

My earnings are increasing as compared to the past few years, even though I am scheduling
fewer patients. I strongly recommend SimplePractice’s medical billing.


Take full control with electronic claim tracking

Stay informed about the status of your claims with regular updates. Control all of your claim tracking in one simple, easy-to-use system: no more spreadsheets, separate logins, or ledgers.


Simplify your accounting with online payment reports

Automate your insurance accounting with integrated payment reports (ERAs): no bookkeeping to manage and no EOBs to enter.

Love how easy insurance claims are. Love that credit card info is collected and I never have to hassle
with payment. The customer service and help getting set up were great.


Create batch claims for even faster filing

Create and submit claims for all of your clients with a simple click. Choose which sessions you’d like to include or remove from each batch.