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Why SimplePractice is better than TherapyNotes

Transparent, affordable pricing

Serve as many clients as you want with all the convenience and flexibility SimplePractice offers for a great price.


The Difference

More value for the cost

SimplePractice doesn’t charge you for appointment reminders, additional credit card fees, or ‘nominal’ network fees.

Essential Professional TherapyNotes
Monthly subscription fee $39 $59 $49
Telehealth Based on ~100 sessions per month N/A $10 $0
Appointment reminders Based on ~100 reminders per month $0 $0 $14
Credit card processing fees Based on 10 charges totaling $1000 N/A $32.50 $29.50*
eFile insurance claims Based on 100 per month N/A $22 $14
ERA payment reports Based on 100 per month N/A $0 $14
True monthly cost $39 $123.50 $120.50* *excludes additional credit card fees & 'nominal' network fees
SimplePractice has the features I need: progress notes, online appointment requests, and easy scheduling. I love the look of it—very modern and professional. And all at the perfect price point.

— Meaghan H.



Mobilize your practice, literally

Streamline your scheduling, billing, and more with the top-rated SimplePractice mobile app—available for iPhone and Android.


SimplePractice has the only 5-star rated mobile app for iOS & Android

The Difference

Manage your practice on-the-go

Where TherapyNotes forces you to work from a web browser, SimplePractice’s beautifully designed mobile app is made for real life.

I use the mobile app all day. With SimplePractice, I can be in complete control of my business from anywhere in the world.

— Nathan R.

Integrated, secure video sessions

Start an appointment from anywhere. Just send a secure link to your clients—no logins or passwords to remember.


The Difference

Do more for less

Telehealth by SimplePractice includes support for couples and screen-share capabilities for only $10/month/clinician.

The video quality is great, the process is seamlessly integrated for existing users, and I like how well it’s managed within my SimplePractice calendar.

— Brandice S.

Communicate with confidence

Share important information and reminders with your clients via HIPAA-compliant messages optimized for smartphones.


The Difference

More secure than email or text

Use Secure Messaging to reschedule, communicate about payments, or remind your clients to bring materials to an appointment.

I used to send text messages to my clients, then my colleague told me that it wasn’t secure. Whoops! SimplePractice secure messaging makes it so I don’t have to worry about getting consent to send texts.

— Dave J.

Streamline your documentation needs

Build your own, or choose from an extensive template library—including intakes, assessments, treatment plans, and ROI forms.


Streamline your documentation needs with our industry-leading template builder

The Difference

Customized notes and templates

With SimplePractice, you won’t be stuck using an existing template like TherapyNotes who doesn’t let you customize notes and forms.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions, or read all FAQs.

Is SimplePractice HIPAA-compliant?

SimplePractice is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified. The HITRUST framework is the gold standard of security certifications in the healthcare industry. You can learn more about all the ways we keep customer and client data safe.

What can I expect in terms of the sound and video quality?

Connection problems can be caused by a variety of outside factors such as low quality, older equipment, or an overloaded computer (i.e. too many programs running). In general, poor video quality is attributable to a poor internet connection.

Here are some basic steps that can improve the overall quality:

  • Use wired Ethernet instead. Wifi will work, but you may experience a lag or some interference, which can make your video and audio choppy. A wired Ethernet internet will give you a smoother, more consistent experience.
  • Test your internet connection speed. Use our built-in Internet Quality Check before each session.
  • Close other programs. To minimize disruption, close out all other programs running in the background. Adjust your lighting. Small lighting tweaks can make a big impact. Avoid any backlight and make sure your camera is at eye level.

How much does Telehealth cost?

Telehealth by SimplePractice costs $10/month/clinician and is only available on the Professional Plan. So your all-in monthly cost as a solo practitioner would be $69 ($59 + $10).

How does billing for telehealth work?

When billing insurance, we recommend that you always check with the individual insurance payer to determine whether telehealth services are covered and, if they are, which codes or modifier should be used for different types of services.

It’s very important to check directly with the insurance payer because coverage for telehealth services is constantly changing.

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